Department of Offense

Department of Offense

4 Episodes

The following might offend you, and we don't give a fuck. We are the Department of Offense.

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Department of Offense
  • Episode 1: Our Forefathers

    Episode 1

    Dead president play beer pong and party like rockstars and old WW2 veterans talk about how much pussy they slayed during their tours.

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  • Episode 2: Webcam Virgin

    Episode 2

    There's no truer love than having Skype sex, am I right?

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  • Episode 3: ISIS Terrain Model + Chelsea Manning

    Episode 3

    Let's make Iraq great again! But making Iraq great again requires a careful plan of attack.

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  • Episode 4: Barracks Shrink + ISIS Medic

    Episode 4

    Some medical advice from ISIS, along with relationship advice from the barracks shrink.

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